Continuous Flight Auger

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Specialists

We can offer you a complete piling solution, supported by our in-house design capability selecting from our capabilities in CFA, Rotary and Mini Augered Piling.

With our experienced management team and fully trained & highly motivated work force we ensure each team member makes a unique and significant contribution to your project.


300-900 Dia Up to 26m

Continuous Flight Auger Bored Piles are constructed with string of hollow stemmed augers, once the design depth has been reached concrete is pumped through the centre of the augers to base of the pile, the augers are then extracted whilst the concreting continues to ground level, reinforcement is introduced completing the pile. During the extraction process the pile formation is monitored by an on-board computer system to ensure that that the pile is constructed correctly.

Soilmec SF50
SF50 Piling Machine - Colets Piling - Piling Contractor, UK

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