Rigs For Hire

Machines for hire from Colets Piling, for more information contact us on 01787 882888.

We can supply continuous flight auger piling  and rotary piling to London, Surrey, Essex, Suffolk, Rest of East Anglia and more…

Contact us at hire@coletspiling.com

Tes Car CF2.5
Tes Car CF2.5 Plus
Tes Car CF3
Tes Car CF3/CFA
Tes Car CF6
Tes Car CF8

Colets Piling, Rig Hire, TesCar
Colets Piling, Rig Hire, TesCar

Soilmec SF50 in CFA
Soilmec R210 in Rotary
Soilmec SR20 in Rotary
Soilmec SR30 in CFA
Soilmec SR30 in Rotary
Soilmec R210 in CFA

Casagrande B125 in CFA
Casagrande B125 in CFA
Casagrande B125XP in CFA

Soilmec SR20, Colets Piling, Piling Rig Hire
Casagrande, Colets Piling, For Hire, Rigs UK

Colets BSP Driven Rig
Hutte 203
Hutte 204
Twin Cam Rotary
MDT Sk40

Piling Machines, Hire, UK
Piling Machines for Hire, Suffolk, UK, Colets Piling

Colets Atlas Mini Driven Rig

Colets Mini Rig Hire, Piling Contractors
Piling Machine Hire, Atlas Mini Driven Rig

Putzmeister SP11 Grout Pumps
Putzmeister SP11 DMB Grout Pumps
Schwing WP750 Concrete Pumps
Putzmeister 1005 DMB Concrete Pumps
CIFA 506 Concrete Pumps
CIFA 307D Concrete Pumps
CIFA 709 Concrete Pumps

Colets Piling Pump Hire
Colets Piling Pump Hire

Odex Hammer
DTH Hammer & Rods
Drop Hammers 200 to 400 dia
S.F. Augers with 70 hex
for mini piling 300 dia – in lengths 1.0m
S.F. Augers with 100 hex
for mini piling 300 dia – in lengths 1.0m
S.F. Augers with 120 hex
for mini piling 300, 350 400, 450, 500 and 600dia – in lengths 1.0m to 1.5m

C.F. Augers with 150, 160, 170, 190 and 220 Hex for CFA from 300 – 1200
Double Stem Augers 450mm to 1200 dia with 170, 190 and 220 hex
Grout pump hoses
4 – 8m3 Holding Drums with Diverters
Compressors Ingersol Rand 7/41

Piling Machine Equipment Hire, Suffolk, UK
Augers for Hire, Sale, Colets Piling

Rotary Augers 300-1500 dia
Rotary Buckets / Barrels available
Concrete Hoses 4″ and 5″
Steel Pipes x 4″
Gate Inserts for Soilmec Rigs
750mm Arms 300 to 600mm Inserts
600mm Arms 300 to 450mm Inserts
800mm Arms 300 to 600mm Inserts

Gate Inserts for Cassagrande
800 Arms with 300mm to 600mm Inserts
Diesel Bowsers
Concrete Chutes
Concrete Skips
Tremmie Pipes available

Piling Machine Equipment Hire, Suffolk, UK
Putzmeister Piling Machines Hire, UK


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